Fitness By Ina, Inc. Personal Training is to ensure the correct function of the entire human body through functional strength and stabilization training of the human motion system. This motor system starts at the central nervous system, brain and spinal column, and signals the outer muscle groups to implement the action

This individual Functional Training calls for an accelerated balance technique along with slow controlled movements so attention is directed to the center of the body.

Personal training starts with a brief analysis of present status and health history along with future goals. Any doctor restrictions or prior medical history will be reviewed.

Ina Siegel holds many certifications and brings over 30 years experience to her clients. Click here to view certifications.
3 introductory appointments.Basic workout and chart set up: $40
8 sessions
12 session
Sport Specific Training Wrestling... Golf... Football... Running...Soccer...Hockey...etc. All these athletes need sport specific training. Whatever sport you participate in you can find the proper training at F.B.I. Ina and her staff know the most up-to-date training techniques required for each muscle group in any particular sport. Arrange for a consultation if you need more information.
Strength and Agility Group Training These sessions are arranged for groups to work on quick reaction and explosive power - jumps, dynamic flexibility and speed. The training focuses on core strength, balance, hand-eye coordination, and movement. Groups will have preset time slots according to age and ability. Excellent for school age youth. Contact Ina for more information or to set up a time.
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